Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Celebration of Family, Freedom and Fun..

Its seems that my blog is turning to a Pictures blog.... I think its nice to share these pics with my readers. These are American Day Celebration July 4 Pictures. They had celebrate it as a Family, Freedom and Fun. It was so nice to be there. I enjoy it a lot. and I m shareing this fun with u guyz....

This weekend, weather was so nice

Its a nice shot

Raza! say Cheese

Babar! I'm not Danceing

Peoples are still comming

Musical show... Its a part of every celebration

I like this show

Later On we got a fire work

Trust me! it was so kool

Lights in the sky

I feel my self in Galaxy

A moment ...

Don't u feel its nice

One of my Favourit Picture

Fire Work... its work so kool

These are not stars ... lol

Cow boys hats... hai! i m in taxes
The Crowd was just looking in the sky

We were in the middle of Fire work

Its a kool picture

I love this picture

Oops .. its Over... Its time to go home

Lot of cars... It took us 45 minutes to get in the high way. Normally it takes 7-8 mins

wooo! I love the firework pics all pictures are nice thnks for shareing
nice pictures.. i wanted to go to fireworks but couldnt as i left my job very late and after that i was so tired :(
@ Sam! and Will! thanks dude

@ Jahanzaib! Boy u miss a kool thing... don't worry we get more events near by in the future... for now enjoy these fire work pics ....
i mean i saw it live on TV..hudson river fireworks but still wanted to go there... yeah there is a pakistan day prade comming in augest i wont miss it i go there every year and yeah for sure that is fun there :)
wowwww Shaper you are good photographer.....:)


prade kub hutee hai 14 Augest ko......??????? aapni 14 salla history mein mein ne tu nahi dekhi...
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