Friday, July 01, 2005


Parks Pics .......

Babar .....

Raza ...

Babar and Raza ....

I love this Pic

Huge Park with Field lights

Trying to cover a side of a park.

Water Area ...

Don't You think its nice

Another cool pic

A real house 's construction site

Water Area in Park (reserved for kids...)

nice pics i like them
Nice work man, Nice Photography
Nice work man, Nice Photography
Good photography
Good photography
Mind blowing photography Man keep it up... i cant take pictures like that :( ... have to learn something about photography
@Will: I m still waiting for ur japanese tour pics and send me some miami pics too.

@ Tanzeel: Thanks.

@ IA Bhopal: Thanks

@jahanzaib: dude! i used olympia 4magapxl digital camera. its result is awsome. this is the second most hobby thats i got after computers. .
i have canon 5 megapxl but i can not take good pictures with it ... my brother took photography classes he took some wonderful picutres and tries to teach me how to use the features but truly i dont have any intrest :P
Very nice site! »
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