Friday, August 26, 2005


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Mostly Peoples pass their comments on others with out even know them. Mostly older peoples do this job. They mostly judage kids and teenager and they don't even try to know them. Some time its effect the person personality and his/her character.

I listen a song on TV and i m copying some of its wording. Its a teen age girl who sing this song i donno if she wrote this song herself (mostly singers write their own songs).

Access to this song. Only for 14 days

There's people talking
They talk about me
They know my name
They think they know everything
But they don't know anything
About me

Give me a dance floor
Give me a dj
Play me a record
Forget what they say
Cause I need to go
I need to getaway tonight

I try and make it happen
Try to make it all right
I know I make mistakes
I'm living life day to day
It's never really easy but it's ok

Wake Up Wake Up
On a saturday night
Could be New York
Maybe Hollywood and Vine
London, Paris maybe Tokyo
There's something going on anywhere I go
Yeah, tonight

The cities restless
It's all around me
People in motion
Sick of all the same routines
And they need to go
They need to get away

People all around you
Everywhere that you go
They don't really know you

Everybody watching like it's some kind of show
Everybody's watching
They don't really know you now
They don't really know you
They don't really know you
And forever

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