Monday, October 10, 2005



Someone has died
Someone has lied to his wife
Someone has lost his job
Someone was killed by the mob
Someone lost his possessions
Someone was killed by his obsessions
Someone has suicided
Someone was misguided
Someone lost his child in a divorce
Someone went off the trekking course
Someone has lost all hope
Someone can't try to cope
Someone has lost their pride
Someone has lost their bride
Someone has lost their support
Someone innocent has lost in court
Someone has no money to live
Someone has no strength to give
Someone can never see the light
Someone can't get through the night
Someone is in need
Someone needs to be freed
Someone has gone insane

...Somewhere someone is in pain

"God Give Us Strength to get over this pain"

Someone is willing to help ...........them
Please add a ribbon for donations to your blog, get the code from (in the third column, at the end) and place it anywhere in your template, it'll place itself automatically on the upper right corner.

Please spread this message.
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